Our story.

YOI TOSHI is a concept brand that has been brought to life in honour of the legend YOI TOSHI, a true pioneer and dreamer. Known as a forward thinker for his time, living in the southern region of Japan, he spent most of his time philosophising about the future and that played a key role in his work. He was a true believer in manifestation and used this technique to realise his dreams. Building up a reputation in the area for producing high quality and innovative garments. Many local people believed that his creations brought good luck to their personal and financial lives as his name translates to 'Beneficial Year'.


Now, his legacy is being resurrected and we want to pay homage to that with YOI TOSHI's ideals manifested into the DNA of the brand. Our in house design team aim to bring back his ethos of using high quality fabrics, archive led contemporary designs and modern day craftsmanship, creating stand out graphics and timeless garments for dreamers worldwide.